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Let Me Give You a Hug



The idea of establishing a 'home' within oneself may seem odd. However, the concept provides individual and deeply ingrained means to obtain emotional comfort. Rather than seeking external validation and belonging, we can support, love, and accept ourselves.

Let Me Give You a Hug is my own first published book, and it speaks with emotional depth, drawing on my personal experiences, struggles, and failures throughout the years.

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Let's Collaborate with Stephanie Mamonto

Need to craft your content with a storytelling approach and human touch?


Then look no further! Please meet your (next) trustworthy content partner, with over a decade of writing expertise and the power of plants 🍀

Hello, welcome to my portfolio website! I've been writing profiles for over 15 years, exploring people and connections within themselves—practices that have grown my passion for maintaining good relations and branding, as much as my passion for good food and coffee. As a wanderer at heart and perpetual outsider, I've come to embrace the power of not belonging in one place and exploring a multidisciplinary collaborative approach to writing.

Besides collaborating with clients and joining forces with partners-collaborators on exciting projects, I'm currently running my own Writing practice with a small team in Co-Writing Studio—focusing on delivering high-quality content through a human-centric approach.

Take your time to read through the website to learn about my publications, services that I offer, and a glimpse of myself.

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