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As the Spanish proverb says, my belly rules my mind; while coffee is my sanity. So it's no longer a secret that I have a soft spot for good food and coffee.


I began my career as a print journalist, reporting for GATRA Magazine in 2007, while still studying journalism at the University of Indonesia. I continued working as a reporter for Seventeen Magazine in 2008, graduated in the same year, and after a few months, became a feature writer for Femina Magazine.


One year later I decided to pursue a master's degree in marketing communications at my alma mater, still writing for the magazine, covering mostly profiles and human-interest stories. Before graduating in 2012, I aspired to learn and seize opportunities in digital content strategy and other forms of content creation, such as television/web series scripts and campaign video scripts. My clients range from locals and multinationals to international corporations in Singapore, Bangkok, and the Netherlands.


Thanks to my journalism background, I developed my technical skills and strength as a versatile lifestyle content strategist and biography/profile writer. I have interviewed many public figures for cover stories, video campaigns, and biography books. My features articles have also been featured in Indonesia's leading lifestyle magazines, such as DEWI, NYLON, CLEO, Women's Health, Inclover, and Men's Folio.


In book publishing, I have done several projects as the bilingual writer of UNDESIGNED! (published by Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia in 2023) with Diana Nazir, the Indonesian editor of Andra Matin's PRIHAL: Arsitektur andramatin (published by ,a publication in 2020) and Raul Renanda’s The World I Know: The Design & Art Mind of Raul Renanda, also as the Indonesian translator of Adrian Besley's BLACKPINK: The Unofficial Biography and Suh Yoon Lee & Jooyun Hong's The Having: The Secret Art of Feeling and Growing Rich (both published by TransMedia Pustaka). 


I have an interest in self-development, tech, pop culture, design&art, and languages, as my writing practices especially revolve around them. I sometimes write personal essays and they have been both published in print and online, in Europe (UK and Berlin).


As a consultant, I help my clients to tell their stories and connect with the audience by crafting a relatable narrative. I believe in infusing empathy into all my works, in order to show the true colours of my clients to the world and build real connections with the readers. 


I started my career as a full-time journalist and content writer/coordinator in digital agencies, before being a fully-fledged consultant. I can provide professional services for a wide range of creative projects based on the consistent work ethics and common sense at work that I cultivate through years of process.

Even though I work remotely, I stay organized and never miss meetings or deadlines. Not only did I engage with many repeat clients with trust because of the quality of my work, but also because of my strong task management and interpersonal skills.



Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and receiving an education at Indonesian public university has made me familiar with its subcultures and colloquialisms. This, combined with my international work experiences, high curiosity, and the love of travel that has exposed me to many different cultures worldwide, has qualified me for many special projects involving global localization.



Over the years, I’ve been learning and embracing the power of collaboration. I believe that everyone is special and has their own superpower. I've been so fortunate to meet clients and collaborators who have opened the door to our beautiful and genuine connections by showing me their souls and sharing their passions, dreams, and vulnerabilities. This not only allows us to grow and transform alongside one another, but it also allows us to nurture long-lasting partnerships.



As a former journalist, I learned some valuable lessons that have served me well not only professionally but also in life:

  • Staying curious

  • Asking the right questions

  • Observing things from different angles

  • Never being too rigid in my own perspectives

  • The true purpose of listening is to understand, not to reply

  • Never writing the story ahead of time


Do you think we have shared ideas or interests? Please feel free to contact me. I'm always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas, or opportunities to be part of your visions. 

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