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Service 01 | Biography / Profile Writing

Thanks to my journalism background, I have developed strength as a biography/profile writer. I've been so fortunate to interview many public figures since 2007 for cover stories, video campaigns, and biography books of women entrepreneurs & Fred Neust (soon to be published).

Some of the public figures I have interviewed varied from celebrities, artists, athletes, to women entrepreneurs/leaders, such as Raline Shah, Luna Maya, Wulan Guritno, Nadine Chandrawinata, Pevita Pearce, Marischka Prudence, Zahra Muzdalifah, Dolorosa Sinaga, Teater Garasi, Kamila Andini, Lola Amaria, Cin Cin Go (Technology & Country Leader at IBM), Carline Darjanto & Ria Sarwono (Cottonink).

Commissioned by: DEWI Magazine, FEMINA Magazine, Cottonink (Gramedia Pustaka Utama), TransMedia Pustaka, Levi's®.


Service 02 | Company Profile & Website Copywriting for Branding / Campaigns

Company profile and website/landing page play vital roles in presenting a professional image by conveying comprehensive information about the company, showcasing its values and strengths, attracting potential customers and investors, and establishing brand credibility and awareness. My role is to help companies/brands communicate their stories, goals, and achievements, making the profile captivating to potential investors, clients, and partners. In each project, I contributed to developing a solid brand identity for the company profile. This includes creating a consistent tone, style, and voice that aligns with the company's values and resonates with the target audience.

Client(s): Google (with Superson Singapore), (with Love Frankie), Changi Airport (with GrowInc Indonesia), BIODERMA Indonesia, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design & Bank BRI's BRILianpreneur (with PT ICAD Integrasi Daya), PT Merpati Wahana Raya (with Studio 1212), Mahaya Lab (with Studio Woork), Parahyangan Golf BandungSibisa Resort (with OOTB Media), YOUVIT, PT PPA (with Angka Sinema), Kejora Capital, Adventure ArchipelagoFORZALAND, sare / STUDIO, etc.


Service 03 | SEO Articles / Content Writing / Social Media Copy

It takes more than just great writing chops to create search-optimized content. Aware that having strong writing skills is necessary but not sufficient, I continue to educate myself on SEO fundamentals in order to produce content (for websites, blogs, e-commerce landing pages, and social media) that ranks for clients. Coming from a digital agency, I have the capacity to learn several writing styles and am frequently charged with creating content for a wide range of clients, particularly in the lifestyle products, FMCG, tech, banking, insurance, and design industries.

Client(s): YOU Pte Ltd, Manulife Indonesia & Lintasarta (with GetCraft), BIODERMA Indonesia, MNC Finance, Supernova Ecosystem, PT Danone Indonesia, Vitacimin & Pocari Sweat (under PT Froyo Kreatif Indonesia), AI Rudder (with With Content), Wall's Indonesia, QubTV, COPIA Indonesia, Sixteen Denim Scale, etc.


Service 04 | Scriptwriting & Transcribe / Subtitle Editing - Translation 

I write scripts for television series and storytelling commercials, from Public Service Announcement to Digital Campaign. The script development took some stages; this includes creative brainstorming with the director, doing the research and interviews--to gather information, data, and insight to shape the script.

In addition to scriptwriting, I also offer the subtitle service for the video (commercial campaigns and documentaries) too. 

Client(s): Google Indonesia (with Superson Singapore, under the supervision of Antti Toivonen as the creative director), Sun Life Indonesia (with OOTB Media, under the supervision of Reza Rahadian as the director), Johnson & Johnson, Sampah Sandi Pilot Project (with Anatman Pictures), Kesempurnaan Cinta season 2 / NET TV (with Limelight Pictures), Bank BRI's Instagram videos (with Angka Sinema), ASEAN Foundation & for ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme - ADLP (with Love Frankie), Tembang Lara, Dog Mother (for Anatman Pictures), etc.


Service 05 | Translation / Localization - Language Specialist (EN <=> ID)

As a translator and localization specialist, my role in the project is to adapt text and graphics used in a product or service from one language (English) into another language (Indonesian) and maintain its consistency. Not only do I need to be fluent in both languages, but I also need to comprehend the technical knowledge I'm working with as well as the culture of the people who will be utilizing the product or service, including colloquialism. The output may include adapting websites, app/software, marketing materials, user documentation, and various other publications. 

Client(s):, Agoda, RELIVE App, SAMSUNG Indonesia (with GetCraft), BIODERMA Indonesia, etc.


Service 06 | UX Product Copywriting & Technical Writing

As a technical writer, my role is to ensure that my clients’ most complex information is easy for users to understand. That being stated, it is my responsibility to produce user-friendly materials that meet the needs of the target audience, as well as to obtain a deeper understanding of products and services and to translate complex information into clear, polished, and engaging content. My scope of work involves researching, outlining, writing, and editing content, as well as collaborating with other departments (product team, UX-UI design, and project management) to understand project requirements.

Client(s): Traveloka, ExxonMobil (with TBWA\), Bank DBS Indonesia, Coca Cola, UNICEF, KIBAR - PT ROMBAK POLA PIKIR, YOU Pte Ltd, Sixteen Denim Scale, etc.


Service 07 | Features Contributor for Print & Online Media

Coming from a journalism background, I've been a contributor to many mass media (print & online), writing articles and advertorials.
Speciality: lifestyle, tech - pop culture, self-development, human interest, design&art. 

Commissioned by: FEMINA Group (Femina Magazine, DEWI Magazine, CLEO Magazine, Women's Health Indonesia Magazine), NYLON Indonesia Magazine, DEKRANAS KRIYA Indonesian Craft Magazine, INCLOVER Magazine, Men's Folio Indonesia Magazine, FIRST PRIORITY Magazine for Priority Customer of ANZ (MEDIA Group), getaway! Magazine (PT GI Media), (Cerita Perjalanan valadoo! getaway), Travel 3SIXTY (PT AirAsia Indonesia), etc.


Service 08 | Content Strategy for Brands / Exhibitions

My role is to develop a communications strategy (brand stories / content guidelines) to promote products, campaigns, or events on clients' digital channels. This includes digital activities to create engagement with the audience. I may not always know the perfect solution for clients' problems at first, but I'm willing to listen and work tirelessly to figure out the most efficient solution with clients because I believe in collaborations.

Client(s): Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia for Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (2014-present), Studio Woork for Bintaro Design District (2022), Bank BRI for BRILIANpreneur (2019-2021 with PT ICAD Integrasi Daya), InterSastra (2018), Pocari Sweat, Optik Melawai, Pizza Hut Delivery, Poke Sushi, Vitacimin, Fiesta Seafood, Marugame Udon, etc. (done under PT Froyo Kreatif Indonesia), Anatman Pictures, Matahari Department Store (with The Media Palace - PT Tata Media Prima), Pinky Promise Movie (MP Pro Production House), COPIA Indonesia, OIIO Bistro, etc.


Service 09 | Media Relations / Promotions

I provide press releases for clients' events and build relations with media partners. My role is to communicate the events' objective to the public and maintain relationships with the media partners to a certain extent and make sure they get the right information or angle to write the news.

Client(s): Bank BRI for BRILIANpreneur (2019-2020 with PT ICAD Integrasi Daya), Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia for Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (2019-present), Raul Renanda Design (SJUMAN+RENANDA Concert Grand Piano for CASA Exhibition), KARYA KITA Exhibition by TACO Indonesia (with Athina Dinda), YOU Pte Ltd.

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